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Upgrade to the NEW ProQual Level 6 NVQ Diploma in

Occupational Health and Safety Practice

Video Information on the Upgrade

How much does it cost?

The full cost is £450 plus VAT (Total £540)


What is involved in the upgrade?

There is a “mini portfolio” to be completed made up of CPD requirements.

If you are already maintaining CPD with IOSH or IIRSM, most of this evidence will already be available.

The new CPD learning outcomes needed are as follows:


a) an ongoing evaluation of their personal competence 

b) reflective commentaries on CPD activities 

c) setting and prioritising realistic goals for professional development 

d) applying professional ethics in practice – reflective account along with evidence to support (applying the IOSH code, for example)

e) an appreciation of diversity and inclusivity in workplaces – reflective account on how you have applied this, with evidence to support appreciation, in practice

f) sharing personal experiences in professional debate and discussion – reflective account with evidence to support sharing

Full guidance is provide on how to achieve the additional outcomes. 

Prerequisite to signing up for upgrade:


Copy of the Level 4/5 NVQ in Occupational H&S Practice.
[We reserve the right to contact the awarding body to authenticate, if required].

Why should I choose Cognitia as my training provider?


  • Weekly webinars providing support for questions you may have.

  • Easy to use E-portfolio system from Quals Direct. Click HERE to watch our YouTube Video.

  • One to one video support calls / telephone calls.

  • Clear and concise assessment plans, showing you EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve your NVQ.

  • Experienced team of assessors and quality assurers – some of whom work as External Verifiers for Awarding Bodies.

What do our past learners have to say?

“I would fully recommend Cognitia if you are considering undertaking the NVQ Level 6 in Occupational Health & Safety. After undertaking this course I felt that the team fully supported me in achieving my learning goals, by effectively coaching and mentoring me when I required it. The support given throughout was second to none. I look forward to continuing on my CPD journey with Congnitia in the future. A big thank you to all the team!” –

James Brown, CMIOSH