TQUK Level 4 Award in the External Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes & Practice (EQA/EV)

TQUK Level 4 Award in the External Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes & Practice (EQA/EV)

Who is this Course For?

The Level 4 Award in the External Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (EQA) is designed for experienced work-based learning professionals who have the responsibility for External Quality Assurance activities within an Awarding Organisation. Previous to the introduction of the TAQA standards, External Quality Assurance (EQA) was referred to as External Verification (EV); it is still referred to as EV by some awarding bodies.

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The qualification is based on a KNOWLEDGE of external quality assurance (understanding unit) as well as a practical assessment, which must be carried out gathering the required evidence on TWO external quality assurance visits:
1. Understanding the Principles and Practices of Externally Assuring the Quality of Assessment.
2. Externally Assure the Quality of Assessment.
Completing the knowledge unit online will allow you to plan to complete the practical unit in the future and provide you with the foundation knowledge needed to carry out External Quality Assurance activities.
The arrangement of TWO mentored and observed EQA visits is the responsibility of the learner EQA to arrange. Therefore the learner EQA should be confident to be able to arrange this via their contacts within a relevant Awarding Organisation. Cognitia will assess all evidence gathered from the mentored/observed visits.
You are required to hold an IQA / IV qualification (see any from the list below) to enrol on this EQA Award as follows:
• Level 4 Award or Certificate in Quality Assurance Processes & Practice
• V1
• D34


We use an online e-portfolio system, delivered within our assessment plan. Observations of assurance practice will be recorded and observed. Knowledge outcomes are uploaded as assignments. Supporting assurance practice evidence will also be uploaded.

What will I learn?

The award is designed to develop the students’ ability to:
• Understand the key principles and practices of externally assuring the Quality Of Assessment
• Improve skills, knowledge and excellence from any area of teaching from Observation to Mentoring
• Develop their knowledge in planning EQA activities
• Adopt a systematic approach to EQA Records
• Monitor and maintain records, examine deficiencies, and lead corrective action efforts
• Successfully carry out all EQA activities, make decisions and provide thorough feedback
• Understand evaluating External Quality Assurance and continuing professional development
• Become successful in their chosen field, and on their chosen career path

What Will I Get?

  • Easy to use E-portfolio system,
  • One to one video support calls / telephone calls.
  • Clear and concise assessment plans, showing you EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve your NVQ.
  • Experienced team of assessors and quality assurers – some of whom work as External Verifiers for Awarding Bodies

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