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SHE Technician Apprenticeship – Health & Safety Apprenticeship

About the SHE Technician Apprenticeship in Health & Safety

As regards the requirements of the SHE Technician Apprenticeship, candidates will need to be of employed status within an organisation that provides scope for work activities that reflect a part office / partly at the work front, providing advice to others, whilst having opportunities to work with management to offer support and guidance to others concerning safe working practices.

They will develop occupational competence to advise on statutory health, safety and environmental requirements that impact on organisational practices and will in time, influence others to make the right choices through developing a greater understanding of the legal framework and exploring how effective environmental management can enhance operational activities.

Full details of the standard are available from the Institute for Apprenticeships:

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Why choose Cognitia? 

Cognitia specialise in the delivery of accredited vocational training courses (NVQs), along with a variety of other health & safety related courses. We also provide a consultancy service in relation to health and safety and currently partner with several organisations in relation to this area of our business, including the building of health & safety management systems, site audits, accident and incident investigations.

Our aspiration is to be the leading training provider in the UK in relation to health and safety apprenticeships. Our team are vastly experienced within these sectors and within education and training in general, enabling us to provide an optimum level of service concerning all aspects of our business.

How is the Apprenticeship Structured?

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Following on from the process of on programme training, learners will subsequently move onto Gateway where a formal meeting between the apprentice, employer and training provider will take place to establish whether required standards have been met. At this stage there must also be evidence of the apprentice having achieved a level 2 in Maths and English and a level 1 in ICT. 

The final stage of the learning journey is End-Point which consists of three assessment stages.

End-point Assessment

  1. Knowledge Exam – A 2 hour examination, comprising of multiple choice and open response questions to test the apprentice’s knowledge against national occupational standards.
  2. Assessment of Work Project – This will typically commence within 6 months of the Gateway meeting. The report will be assessed and form the basis of the presentation. For example a work project could follow a Plan, Do, Check, Act model, by writing or reviewing an activity risk assessment to plan and identify improvement in the organisations management system. The work project report will be 2000 words (+/-10%).
  3. Professional Discussion – A recorded professional discussion will take place between the apprentice and the end-point assessor and will cover all key elements detailed within the standard. The professional discussion will last 60 minutes +/- 10%.

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