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Level 6 Diploma in Construction Site Management


Why do a Diploma in Construction Site Management?

This NVQ Level 6 Site Manager (Pathway One, Building & Civil Engineering) qualification is aimed at Project Managers, Site Managers & Contracts Managers. It is now the recognised route to achieve a Black CSCS Card and Chartered Membership of the CIOB.

What is this NVQ and what are the units?

This NVQ Level 6 Diploma is a work-based qualification suitable for those in a construction management role, which recognises a person’s competence using on the job performance for assessment, rather than relying on examinations. You will use an online system to help you with the process of putting together your portfolio and will be assisted online by an experienced assessor throughout. You will also be assessed within the workplace and take part in a professional discussion.

The main plus points are:

  • No formal examination,
  • Flexible workplace study – earn while you learn
  • Continuous enrolment, start any time
  • Equivalent to an academic qualification

NVQs are designed to be taken at a pace that suits your needs, so many learners take about six months to a year to complete. They are outcome-based with no fixed learning programme, allowing flexibility of delivery to meet your individual needs. To earn a qualification, you must complete mandatory units, and the overall qualification allows learners to demonstrate competence again National Occupational Standards which are based on the needs of the Construction and Built Environment industry as defined by ConstructionSkills, the Sector Skills Council. As such it contributes to the development of skilled labour in the sector.

The 19 Units for this Level 6 Diploma are:

  1. Developing and Maintaining Good Occupational Working
  2. Allocating Work and Checking People’s Performance in the Workplace
  3. Establishing, Implementing and Maintaining Systems for Managing Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
  4. Evaluating and Selecting Work Methods to Meet Project or Operations Requirements in the Work Place
  5. Monitoring Construction Related Project Activities in the Workplace
  6. Controlling Project Progress against Agreed Quality Standards in the Workplace
  7. Controlling Project Progress against Agreed Programmes in the Workplace
  8. Managing Personal Development in a Construction-related Workplace
  9. Identifying and Enabling Learning Opportunities for Given Work Teams in the Workplace
  10. Contributing to the Identification of Work Teams in the Workplace
  11. Establishing, Controlling and Monitoring Environmental Factors and Sustainability in the Workplace
  12. Planning the Preparation of the Site for the Project or Operation in the Workplace
  13. Ensuring that Work Activities and Resources Meet Project Work Requirements in the Workplace
  14. Identifying, Allocating and Planning the Deployment and Use of Plant, Equipment or Machinery in the Workplace
  15. Organising, Controlling and Monitoring Supplies of Materials in the Workplace
  16. Establishing and Monitoring Communication Systems and Organisational Procedures in the Workplace
  17. Establishing Project Dimensional Control Criteria in the Workplace
  18. Controlling Project Quantities and Costs in the Workplace
  19. Evaluating Feedback Information and Recommending Improvements in the Workplace

How much does it cost?

The cost of the qualification is £1,500 +VAT (a total of £1,800). We accept all major forms of credit card. For UK customers only we also offer a 6 month payment plan via Direct Debit.

What do I do next?

Sign up online – due to the very nature of an NVQ being a work-based assessment, you just need to ensure that you are in a position in your current role to be able to collect the evidence required for your portfolio.

​In the meantime, take a look at our online resource pack to find out more about the qualification, or contact us using the button below.

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