Complaints Policy

Cognitia is a professional educational organisation that works in conjunction with and provides support for a variety of clients, staff, tutors, delegates and applicants; these include (but are not limited to):

  • Learners,
  • Tutors (Associates) and training providers,
  • Industry, local authorities, private companies and PLC’s
  • Jobseekers
  • National and international organisations.

Our main objectives are to maintain, enhance and promote improvements in every sector to better educational and recruiting standards within industry.

Improve health and safety; provide a service that will assist its learners, customers and other organisations to achieve the same.

As part of our commitment to achieving these aims and objectives, all Cognitia or associated and subcontracted companies of Cognitia staff, are committed to ensuring that customers are provided with the best possible information, services and products that are available.

In order to fulfil the full scope of its organisational role, Cognitia will:

  • Continually strive to promote health and safety in all our activities.
  • Continually seek to act as a focus for all health and safety policies and practical development of learners.
  • Continually strive to provide quality educational standards for learners, safe systems, health and safety, educational opportunities.
  • Continually strive to create cost-effective and accessible ways to supply up-to-date information and education to all learners.
  • Continually strive to provide the best possible service and improve accessibility.
  • Monitor performance through regular surveys, feedback forms with an up to date clear complaints procedure.

Cognitia or associated and sub-contracted companies of Cognitia are dedicated to meeting all customer expectations and to monitoring and evaluating performance against current standards.

However, it is recognised that there may be occasions when service levels do not meet expectations and complaints may subsequently be made against Cognitia or associated and subcontracted companies of Cognitia, by:

  • A Trainer, Associate or Subcontracted Company
  • A Learner/Candidate (clients)
  • Staff/direct employees
  • A Jobseeker
  • A Third Party.

In these instances, all complaints must be submitted in writing marked: Confidential and addressed to:

Sam Tantum, Managing Director, 148a Aberrhondda Road, Porth, RCT  CF39 0BA.

  1. What is a Complaint?

Cognitia defines a complaint as “a formal expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by Cognitia or its staff affecting a customer or group of customers”. It also stipulates that a complaint is not a request for service.

  1. Types of Complaint and Procedures.
Complaints can broadly be placed into one of four categories:
  • Complaints about Cognitia services;
  • Complaints about Cognitia policies;
  • Complaints about Cognitia administration; and
  • Complaints about individuals within Cognitia.

Complaints about policies, administration and individuals will be dealt with as set out below however, in the first instance, complaints and inquiries about our services (for example, a missed appointment, poor quality information, late delivery etc) may be dealt with in the first instance as a request for service. In other words, the complaint will be logged and dealt with in accordance with Cognitia service standards. (For example, a non-delivery of report, if reported by mid-day will be re-dispatched the same day. If reported after mid-day, it will be sent the following day). If a service is still not carried out within the specified timescales, and a further complaint is received then it will be dealt with as below. 
If a customer wishes to make a complaint, it may take one of two forms.

The complaint may be informal, which will be by way of a customer advising a member of the Cognitia staff of the issue, usually either by direct contact, via telephone or e-mail.

  • The staff member receiving the complaint will attempt to resolve it at the time.
  • If they are unable to do so, they may refer it to another staff member who may, be more 
appropriate to deal with the issue.
  • The name of the person to whom it is being referred will always be given to the 
  • The complainant will be advised of the determined outcome the same day, or a date by 
which it will be resolved, will be agreed with them.
  • If a customer remains dissatisfied with the initial response, they may wish to make a formal complaint.


Formal complaints can be made by letter, e-mail or fax. The chosen form of communication should include full details of the nature of the complaint, including times and dates and the names of any persons involved, as applicable.

  • Cognitia will acknowledge receipt of a formal complaint within 5 working days.

Within 10 working days we will write stating one or more of the following;

  • Who is dealing with the complaint
  • What we understand as the nature of the complaint
  • An explanation of the circumstances
  • How we intend to try to resolve the matter and how long that will take us (there may be special circumstances which prevent prompt resolution). o How we will keep the complainant informed of progress


  1. If the complainant remains dissatisfied they may write to the Managing Director of Cognitia.
  2. Their complaint will then be referred to a senior manager, previously unresolved with the case, for an independent internal review of the case.
  3. They will be contacted by that person upon referral and advised of the likely timescale to arrive at an outcome.
  4. Urgent Complaints

There will inevitably be occasions where a complaint, particularly if received via the telephone or in person will be urgent. In these circumstances, a complaint will be dealt within 48 hours or as soon as is practically possible.

  1. Persistent Complaints Policy 
A very small minority of complainants make complaints that are vexatious, in that they persist unreasonably with their complaints, or make complaints in order to make life difficult for Cognitia rather than genuinely to resolve a grievance. This may involve making serial complaints about different matters, or continuing to raise the same or similar matters over and over again. A separate policy details the Cognitia’s approach to these matters.
  2. Anonymous Complaints
Cognitia will not progress, or retain detail of anonymous complaints 6. Complaints Awareness 
Clearly, if any complaints policy is to be successful, all staff will have to have confidence in the process and understand their responsibilities. Complaints will be provided alongside customer care training and resources such as standard letters and advice will be made available to staff via the Cognitia intranet.

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