Accreditation with a specific SSIP is becoming a more common requirement in the construction industry.  As Developers and Contractors strive to ensure that Health and Safety is at the forefront of all construction works.  

In order to save time and expense assessing the capability of each contractor and sub-contractor being considered for a project or framework, more and more organisations are identifying a requirement for their partners to hold an SSIP accreditation.  These come in a range of different titles, but all fall under the SSIP umbrella.  

Whilst the term SSIP may be new to you, there are some common accreditations, the names and logos of which you may be more familiar with:


Constructionline                          CHAS                                   SMAS                         SafeContractor




      Acclaim                                                 Achilles                                         EXOR


In order to achieve these accreditations, you as a business owner need to complete an assessment for each SSIP you wish to gain, this can be time consuming and take you away from your core activities.  With our extensive knowledge of the SSIP system, Cognitia can assist you in gaining these valuable accreditations*

Our consultants will complete the assessment on your behalf and liaise with the relevant scheme to achieve the accreditation.